Forecourt Eye is a Leeds based business formed in 2017 by a local entrepreneur with a wealth of expertise in fuel losses and retail executive with over 30 years experience. Our mantra is ‘We Act Like Owners’ meaning we behave and treat your losses as if they were our own.
Our expert team of Fuel Losses Specialists, Software Developers and Legal Practitioners come together as Forecourt Eye to provide the most powerful crime prevention and fuel losses service in the UK, specifically for the forecourt industry. That said, we’re constantly developing and improving our technology and service with the direct assistance and feedback from forecourt operators. Our fully digital service is quick and simple to use while being very evidential based. We’ve integrated number plate identification, facial recognition, vehicle & site geo-location and legal documentation into our software. In utilising our technology and signage we aim to deter crime and remove the hassle incurred through fuel theft. Employee security and welfare is very important to us, so once you’ve reported an incident we manage everything remotely on your behalf, actively discouraging ‘confrontational individuals’ from returning back to site. Forecourt Eye, the faster growing and most successful fuel losses service in the UK.