FORECOURT EYE has analysed Drive Off and NMOP incident data to compare the difference in activity between Jan 2021 & Jan 2020. More than 600 fuel stations contributed to this study and all data was captured at source digitally to ensure complete accuracy.

January 21 saw a significant increase in Drive Off’s from 45% (2020) to 60%, while in the same month NMOP’s dropped from 55% to 40% respectively, quite a swing with most operators reporting fuel sales being down on average by circa 30% in the same period. Equally as interesting is that while Drive Off’s are up as a percentage mix the amount being taken has dropped from £41.28 to £38.71 (-£2.57) in value for the average Drive Off. While NMOP’s have significantly increased, up by £5.46 to an average of £43.17 from £37.71 in Jan 2020. Fuel type taken remains the same year on year at 56% Diesel and 44% Petrol. We also looked at gender mix and identified that male offender account for 84% of all offences.