Rontec, one of the UK’s largest independent fuel retailers, has signed an agreement with Forecourt Eye to provide their service across all 264 sites throughout the UK.

Rontec Operation Director Nick Lowe said,

“ Forecourt crime is unfortunately on the increase in the UK, and we wanted to offer a service to our Operators that allow them to deter would-be fuel thieves and to recover losses that otherwise they would have to suffer.

We engaged in a trial with Forecourt Eye after reviewing all alternative debt recovery and crime prevention services available. The trial was successful, so we rolled out to more sites immediately, and the service consistency and debt recovery rate for our Operators were very impressive. 

The Team at Forecourt Eye are professional and easy to work with, so signing the Rontec sites up with them nationally became an easy decision for us. We are excited to be working with Forecourt Eye and confident that their existing and new technology will continue to provide valuable benefits to our Operators’ businesses.

Michelle Henchoz, MD Forecourt Eye, said, ‘ Working with Nick and his team was great from day one. They were hugely committed to making this a success, and so collectively, we were able to maximise the benefits of our services. We have access to live, super accurate data that enabled Rontec to make immediate and informed decisions that help minimise the Operators losses while protecting the site employees, something Nick was passionate about from day one. We’ve already started analysing data sets, and working with the Rontec Team, we will evaluate potential sites that may benefit from our new ‘best-in-class ANPR platform. 

We have now completed the rollout to all 264 Rontec sites, making Rontec the best nationally protected fuel retailer in the UK.  

About Forecourt Eye  – With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, Forecourt Eye is the go-to choice for companies seeking a professional and reliable partner to recover unpaid fuel digitally. Forecourt Eye partners with over 1,000 UK petrol forecourts nationally. 

About Rontec – Rontec is one of the leading players in the UK forecourt industry, operating 264 roadside retail forecourts across England and Wales under the Esso, BP and Shell brands.